About Core Physical Therapy

Each tissue injury is physiologically unique from another and to reach a state free from pain, the evaluation and treatment of such an injury must also be unique. At Core Physical Therapy this is a principal foundation of the care received.

With a wide variety of therapeutic techniques and experience, Kellie tailors your therapeutic sessions, treatment plans, and exercise prescriptions for your long-term recovery and ease of movement in everyday life. All programs transfer into your home, gym, or studio, allowing you to actively participate in your healing.

Kellie is also well versed in the importance of nutrition and the complex relationships between the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems, and how these systems affect the overall quality of the skeletal system and the health of your connective tissue. Her approach to care is holistic in nature.

All appointments are for a full hour allowing direct and individualized care. There are no aides or assistants, allowing each visit to be directly facilitated by your personal goals for that given day. This allows for a deeper level of understanding of your injury or health goal and allows your care to be individually tailored for you.

Photo courtesy of Lloyd Lemmermann