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Kellie is a gem of a PT and I recommend her highly. She helped me recover from a difficult injury that my other two doctors were clueless about and I have referred many friends and clients to her. Her work is subtle, conscious, and articulate.Gwenn Cody

Kellie is wonderful. Very gentle, subtle, and very effective. She works under the radar of resistance and facilitates amazing recovery.”Paula Byrne

“After many years of unsuccessful attempts to deal with chronic lower back pain, I was extremely lucky to find Kellie. I had tried many different modalities (chiropractic, Bowen treatments, acupuncture, massage, etc) and medications to try to find a way to mitigate the pain, with little to no success. Kellie took a good deal of time becoming familiar with the structures and muscles of my body, and responded with hands-on treatment as well as strengthening exercises. At first, these exercises were done with frequency at her clinic. Eventually, I purchased a pulley system so that I could do the exercises at home. Over time, the pain was minimized and eventually eliminated. Working with her makes it evident that she enjoys a challenge and sees it as an opportunity to learn new techniques and treatments. She works with you, and explains the effects that her treatments and exercises will have on your body. I can honestly say that Kellie's work has had a tremendous impact on my life. I am free of chronic pain, and know what exercises to do when I get an acute, temporary flare up. My commendation of Kellie is absolute -- I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!” Aaron Winer

Kellie is one of the most gifted healers I have ever met. Her holistic understanding of the body is phenomenal while her touch and program for rehabilitation are subtle yet powerfully effective.”V. Margolis

“Kellie brought her intuitive and integrative approach to healing to a rather complex physical presentation I was experiencing during a very difficult point in my life. I felt cared for at every level where both I and my body were listened to with respect and the perfect solution unfolded in her hands”B. Nystrom


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Kellie Barnes

Kellie Barnes, MOMT, MPT

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