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Sciatica is a condition caused by general compression and/or irritation of 1-5 nerve roots that form the sciatic nerve or is caused by compression of the nerve itself.

Pain is felt in the low back, buttocks, or various parts of the leg and foot. There may also be associated numbness, muscle weakness, or pins and needles of the foot. Typically the symptoms are only felt on one side of the body.

Sciatica is a set of symptoms and is not a diagnosis. Diagnosis can vary, such as facet degenerative conditions, a herniated disc, or other spinal related conditions. Treatment of sciatica is diverse based upon the specific diagnosis.

A thorough musculoskeletal evaluation should be performed to assess the entire spine, hip, and SI (Sacroiliac Joint). Physical therapy treatment can include restoring normal motion of the spine through joint mobilization, reducing pain through manual lumbar traction, soft tissue mobilization, and precise pain free exercise prescription to restore motion and improve pain.


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