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Kellie Barnes MOMT, MPT is founder of Core Physical Therapy LLC. Kellie has been practicing for 16 years and knew that physical therapy was her calling when she began volunteering at age 12.

Her education includes a bachelor degree in biology through the University of Delaware in 1991. She completed her master's degree in physical therapy also through the University of Delaware in 1993. In 1997 she moved to Portland Oregon to complete her post-graduate residency training in orthopedic manual therapy through the Ola Grimsby Institute. She completed her master's degree in orthopedic manual therapy in 1999.

Most recently Kellie passed her clinical and written exams for her doctorate degree in orthopedic manual therapy in 2005. She laughs when asked about her clinical dissertation completion date, admitting that her family and clinical practice take precedence.

"I never undertook my four years of residency training for the degree," she said. "I was inspired by learning as is customary in European physical therapy programs. These programs allow hands on training under the guidance and teaching of gifted practitioners. This sort of educational experience allows one to develop clinically in a unique way, integrating a high level of manual skills with advanced clinical problem solving."

Kellie has a wide range of clinical experience and specializes in rehabilitation of the spine, shoulder, lower extremity, and complex relationships between systemic sources of tissue injury and inflammation. These may include hormonal metabolic changes or changes in the autoimmune system and how these may affect tissue repair mechanisms. She also has an extensive sports medicine background, although her practice focuses on rehabilitation techniques that are pain free and identify the core cause of injury.

Kellie's passion surrounds tissue specific diagnosis, and individualized exercise prescription that is specific to the needs and goals of the client. Her techniques include gentle osseous techniques, soft tissue mobilization, STEP (Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Prescription), myofascial release, scar release and visceral mobilization.


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Kellie Barnes

Kellie Barnes, MOMT, MPT

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