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Headaches affect approximately 60% of the population over the age of 25. There are many different types and reasons for headaches. Often there are overlapping reasons such as joint changes in the neck, soft tissue tension, and systemic changes in the body such as hormonal metabolism. Mechanical headaches are most often related to an imbalance in the neck and head region such as those that can occur from a prior car accident or trauma, even one sustained as a child.

Often a headache may be associated with jaw pain, dizziness, or pain behind the eye. This is due to the reflexive relationship of the neck, eyes, ear, and jaw or (temporomandibular joint).

Combining spinal specific mobilization techniques, with soft tissue mobilization, neural release, craniosacral therapy with tissue specific exercise prescription that is pain free and specific to your health condition are important components for optimal recovery.

Exercise prescription can be dosed initially to promote circulation and blood flow further reducing pain and inflammation in your neck. This allows the tissue to begin to have an environment where it can adapt and repair. These programs may have very specific guidelines for movement and may include working on increasing range of motion at a tight joint, while also protecting a joint that may be hypermobile (having excessive movement). Often headaches are related to ligaments being overstretched and a joint requiring improved neuromuscular recruitment to stabilize its optimal biomechanics.

In addition, the jaw and inner ear may need to be included in a program due to the relationship of the jaw and the upper cervical joints C2/C3. Including eye reflexes with the upper neck and vestibular components of care can also minimize headaches and allow more optimal recovery then simply an adjustment or massage in isolation of this integration.

Kellie is also well versed in hormonal metabolism, food sensitivities, and autoimmune conditions that can be a source of neck and head tension and headaches. She has a large network of health can providers she refers to should your medical history indicate that these systemic sources of pain and inflammation should be addressed.


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