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healing from the inside out


Each person and each injury and health concern is unique.

At Core Physical Therapy, Kellie Barnes, MOMT, MPT, blends her 16 years of clinical experience and advanced training with her passion for diagnosis and an integrative approach to healing the individual.

Blending a high level of training in orthopedic manual therapy, physical therapy, and exercise prescription with an approach of care and treatment for the whole person is a foundation of care at Core Physical Therapy.

Core Physical Therapy is a holistic physical therapy center where your health goals and individual tissue injury guides the direction of the care you receive. There are no standard protocols and each client is treated as an individual. The environment is warm and comfortable, conducive for healing.

“Kellie is wonderful. Very gentle, subtle, and very effective. She works under the radar of resistance and facilitates amazing recovery.” –Paula Byrne


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Kellie Barnes

Kellie Barnes, MOMT, MPT

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